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angela thwaites


Angela Thwaites is an artist, researcher, author and educator based in South London. The focus for Angela's art practice is making sculpture in glass. Exhibiting frequently on a national and international basis, her artwork is visually varied and combines hand and digital processes to explore 3D form and structure translated into glass. Angela has also created a number of works for specific locations and commissions and collaborates with other artists.

My CV is here.

Ideas are developed over periods of time, usually resulting in a range of related pieces, which have grown out of an initial concept. Potential shapes and forms are explored through charcoal drawings on paper, and questions about volume, scale, colour and how the piece may respond to light are considered at this stage. The character/atmosphere of the piece is then established through modelmaking, usually in clay or plaster, before the process of translating into glass begins.


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Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, London, caa.org.uk
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De Montfort University, dmu.ac.uk
Galerie Pokorna, Prague, galeriepokorna.cz/
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Robert Taylor, photographer
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teddave, site build teddave.net

angela thwaites and teddave
Angela Thwaites and teddave